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What are delivery terms?

Our experienced Logistics Team will be happy to arrange shipment for you, adding a delivery cost to the final invoice. Also, you are free to arrange transportation and delivery by yourself if that is more convenient for you. We provide all necessary documents required for exports to the country of consignee: Invoice; CMR, Bill of Lading (B/L); Disinfection Certificate; Any other requested documents (Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Compliance, etc.).

How the goods are packed?

Normally we use polypropylene bags with polythene bag inside for securer transportation.

What is the MOQ?

300 kg for non-EU buyers. The smallest order for EU customers is one bag (65kg for second-hand, and 25kg for stock clothing).

How much is the weigh of one Sack?

All depends on category of particular goods. It is either 60kg bag (second-hand) or 25kg (stock clothing). Again, packing will differ depending on product. Also, we can pack taking into account your specific request.Exceptions can be applied after further discussion.

Do you require prepayment?

we do require 100% prepayment by bank transfer before loading or cash settlement at the moment of loading. Exceptions can be applied after further discussion.

How can I know the product prices and how can i make order?

Please give us a call or send an email. Please state whether you enquire about stock clothes or used clothing (second hand). We will provide all the necessary information. Alternatively feel free to visit our warehouse in Riga, Latvia, Baltic states.
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